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For The Love of Dance

For Love of Dance creates unique, quality dance themed parties for children ages 3-11.  Party guests will enjoy arts and crafts, learn a dance, play games and take home surprises.  Miss Jenn will create a one of a kind experience for your birthday child and their guests.

Standard Party Options:

At the Ballet:  Party guests learn a special dance to music from a famous ballet and decorate their very own tutu to wear while performing.

The Broadway Experience:  Create a hit Broadway show with your child as the star.  Guests will get to decorate their own lion masks and learn choreography set to a song from The Lion King.

Be a Video Rockstar:  Your birthday child gets to pick their favorite song and will learn a dance to that song, performing as their favorite artist and their guests as the backup dancers.

 Customized Party Option:

Create a truly one of a kind experience for your child’s special day and bring their dreams to life by customizing your party to match a specific favorite character, holiday, or theme.


 Standard Party Packages:

    Up to 15 kids: $375 ($15 each additional child)

 Customized Party: 

Up to 15 kids: $475 ($15 each additional child)    

    Payment forms accepted: cash, check, or credit card (cc payments will include additional 3% cc processing fee)


Jennifer Moskowitz has been teaching dance to children and young adults for 20 years.  She began For Love of Dance as a way to combine her excitement for teaching, kids, and birthdays by creating an interactive party experience complete with costumes and choreography.  Jennifer’s mission is to create a one of a kind birthday party experience that caters to each child’s unique ideas for their special day.  

Contact Info:

    Jennifer Moskowitz


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