196 Morgan Street, Ground Floor Jersey City, NJ 07302

Located between Grove St. & Marin Blvd. PATH to Grove St.; Less than1 minute walk.

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Artists and Companies in Residence

We are blessed to live in a culture rich community and have opened our doors those who

share our vision and passion. Anyone who wishes to enrich lives through performing, visual

and martial arts is welcome to rent our studios for their own personal or professional use.


Read on for information about current proprietors in residence at the Performing Arts Workshop.
Please contact each provider directly with questions about their offerings at our studios.

Class cards and vouchers associated with the Performing Arts Workshop are not valid for classes offered by these independent providers.

Cana y Cadencia

In this Flamenco workshop for beginners, you will learn posture, body control, hand movements, footwork and flamenco rhythms. People of all fitness levels and abilities can enjoy Flamenco dance! Students will learn basic choreography in the style of Tangos Flamenco.


Natallia Basava began her dance and gymnastics training at age 7 in Belarus, her home country. As part of the Belarusian State Circus ballet group, she travelled around the world for many years. Her fascination with the Flamenco art form began in Spain and continued after moving to NYC, where she trained with Dionisia Garcia, dancer and teacher from Spain. She has performed throughout NYC and Jersey City as part of "Cana" flamenco dance group. Natallia conducts annual master classes in her hometown of Minsk, Belarus.

Drop-in: $25/90-Minute Session

10 Sessions: $225 (Save $25)


Downtown Community Church Kids

Our goal is to partner with you, as you seek to parent well, and create a safe and fun environment for your child to belong on Sunday mornings during our 10:30am church service. Our volunteers love to serve families by helping children at every stage and have fun in a variety of ways! We want to help kids discover who God is, and show them how to put their faith into practical action in real life. 


The entire curriculum is constructed to meet your child where they are cognitively, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially. Through age appropriate activities, children are building their spiritual foundation. We also provide parents materials weekly to encourage the learning to continue at home.


Sundays 10:30AM 

Ginga Capoeira


GINGA CAPOEIRA USA (aka Ginga Associação de Capoeira USA) is a school of Capoeira Regional led by Mestre Kiki da Bahia guaranteed to challenge and transform your physical and mental limits through unique movements, exercises and self-defense training. 

Our personalized and holistic method of training leaves students with an authentic understanding of Capoeira not only as a martial art, but as a complex and trans-formative piece of Afro-Brazilian culture.



A native of Brazil, Mestre Kiki da Bahia takes his name from the region where he was born - Bahia: the soul of Brazil and the birthplace of Capoeira.


As founder of Ginga Associação de Capoeira USA, and the protégé to one of the most important figures in Capoeira, Mestre Itapoan (a student of Mestre Bimba), Mestre Kiki da Bahia is a walking vessel of knowledge of Capoeira Regional's immense culture and has dedicated his life to the study and advancement of Capoeira.



We welcome students and visitors from all groups, levels and training backgrounds

Your first class is on us.

Cost per class: $20

5 class package: $90

10 class package: $160





Practical Wing Chun NJ

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a unique and effective martial art from Southern China developed to utilize efficiency, relaxation, and application of body mechanics to defeat larger and stronger opponents. Ng Mui, the Shaolin nun who developed the system around 300 years ago, found that the techniques in the Shaolin Kung Fu she practiced were ineffective for a small woman to defend herself against a larger or stronger adversary. With this in mind, she developed a system of self defense which would enable smaller fighters to defend themselves by using angles and body mechanics to redirect their opponent's force and end a confrontation as quickly as possible, regardless of the fighter's shape, size, age, or gender.


At Performing Arts Workshop, Sifu Eric Chirlin and Sifu Yvonne Kwok teach Practical Wing Chun (實用詠春拳). This modified Wing Chun system was developed by Grandmaster WAN Kam Leung based on his many years of Wing Chun study and many experiences in personal combat to ensure that Wing Chun maintains its original focus as an efficient, practical, and modern combat system.


Dance Academy

Founded in 2012, Shehnaaz Dance Academy has become a staple for Kids' Bollywood Dance Classes , Youth dance lessons and Adult BollyHIIT Workout Classes in downtown Jersey City and surrounding areas. We offer private/semi-private dance classes,  event choreography, studio lessons at PAW and after school enrichment classes at various Jersey City schools. Our students have showcased their achievements at local area events and at our company's dance recitals. Members of our BollyHIIT squad as well as our SDA Squad Junior team, perform at several events in Jersey City and surrounding neighborhoods introducing Indian Culture through song and dance to our community. Our BollyHIIT workout series combines our love of Bollywood beats with an energetic, calorie burning workout and is suitable for all levels. 


Shehnaaz Dance Academy held its first independent Recital last year at the prestigious Barrow Mansion. Our Winter recital helped build a strong camaraderie amongst dancers from various routines and helped garner team spirit within our SDA family. All our students will be given an opportunity to perform at the our Spring Recital 2018 which is scheduled for May 12th.


Fall Sessions at PAW 

Kids Sessions- Fridays 4:00p & 4:45p

Adult BollyHIIT sessions- Wednesdays 8:00p 




Shivani Badgi

The Gurukul is a dance school which aims at providing authentic dance education in a creative environment. Students of all ages come to learn a multitude of styles including Kathak, Bollywood, Folk, Contemporary, Jazz, and many more. Shivani Badgi, the director and teacher of The Gurukul, has 18 years of experience in Kathak, Ballet, Bollywood, Contemporary, Jazz, and Street styles. She has performed on reputable stages internationally. She believes dance is an extremely versatile form of movement and can be used for fitness, art, conditioning the mind, and sending a message which can be beneficial no matter at what point you are in your life.


Classs every Tuesday at 5:30p and 8:00p




Wildly Fit

Natural Movement + Parkour-Inspired Fitness for Adults

Do you remember the childish joy of getting together with your friends to go play on the playground? That feeling doesn't have to be something we look back on nostalgically. Animals continue to play as they get older, so why can’t we? How we move daily (or how we don't) determines how well we'll be able to move and avoid injury as we age. 

Join us to enjoy the way the human animal was designed to be able to move: crawling, jumping, balancing, lifting and carrying. Our classes incorporate elements of natural movement, parkour, Movnat, Stick Mobility, and the Fighting Monkey practice. Common side effects include smiling, getting fit, losing weight and feeling better than ever. There is no experience necessary, and we'll provide variations and challenges for all levels. Come play!

Your coach Nikkie Zanevsky (profiled by Jersey City Magazine and the New York Times) has been training parkour for 11+ years and co-founded NYC's top-rated parkour coaching organization 5+ years ago. Her current goal is to bring parkour-inspired fitness to Jersey City and make it more accessible and relevant for complete beginners, similar to how Zumba made dance more accessible for many.  

1-Drop-in class: $20
5-class pass: $75 (a 25% savings)


Nikkie Zanevsky