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2020-21 Youth Programs

Performing Arts Workshop offers a variety of distinctly different programs for students of all ages with the common goals of encouraging creativity, instilling a healthy sense of discipline and bolstering self-confidence.


OCTOBER 13, 2020 THROUGH JUNE 5, 2021

2020 Schedule
Program Details
Class Descriptions

Dance Program

Class Descriptions


Consisting of ballet basics, creative movement and tumbling set to a happy soundtrack of children's favorite songs, this class will encourage your child's physical development and coordination skills, as well as teach them how to learn in a dance class environment. Designed to promote creative expression in young children, our Song and Dance class will draw upon your child's natural love for music and movement. 


Students will learn ballet foundations- positions of the feet and arms (port des bras), center barre excercises, traveling movements and appropriate combinations. During the tap portion of this class, students will develop and undertstanding of foundational tap steps and terminology, and learn to make music with their feet! 


Students will learn ballet, jazz and tap vocabulary & movement skills in preparation for future progression in the study of dance. Your child will gain confidence through creative exploration, as they participate in activities designed to promote physical, social, and artistic development.




Students will develop a classical foundation and and hone barre, center floor, traveling, jumps and leaps. Movement combinations are introduced in a structured and supportive environment for every dancer. Emphasis is placed on posture, alignment, coordination, strength, flexibility and musicality. As students progress, they further develop technical skills and increase comprehension of terminology, eventually going being basic technique to develop artistry!



Designed as a technique class for pre-teens and teens. Emphasis will be placed on posture, alignment, coordination, strength and flexibility en pointe. Placement is at Director's discretion. Beginning work in pointe shoes and exercises that prepare the body and feet to be prepared for pointe work.

*No performance. Technique only. Students take this class in soft shoes as Pre-Pointe until such time they are ready for pointe shoes. Director evaluation required. 


Energetic class that will explore movement and technique specific to the genre as well as Tap fundamentals. Perfect for dancers searching for an an exciting, upbeat, rhythmic class!




Energetic classes that will explore movement and technique specific to the genre, as well as instill a sense of rhythm and precision in each participant. Students are instructed at varying levels, and learn exciting choreography to age-appropriate music.




This class will provide students with a strong understanding of tap fundamentals through clear explanation and repetition. 

We will concentrate on terminology, timing, rhythm, precise sounds, coordination, syncopation, technical execution and performance skills.​​


Jazz combines various movement qualities to create a style suited for popular music from any era. Lyrical fuses the technical elements of ballet with the more expressive qualities of jazz and modern dance. Students will focus on isolations, stretches, and developing turning & leaping skills. Pre-teen/Teen classes will lend themselves to the Contemporary genre with a focus on musicality, athleticism, expression, nuance and choreographic principles.​​



Acro dance combines dance technique with acrobatic elements. Students will increase flexibility, strength, balance and precision, and learn choreography which integrates rhythmic acrobatic and tumbling skills with dance performance. 



Our season will run from October 13, 2020 through June 5, 2021. Total, annual tuition is inclusive of all classes and rehearsals, registration/administrative fees, Spring Showcase participation (includes digital delivery of showcase video & class pictures), stainless steel water bottle, linen drawstring backpack and acrylic bag tag. Our program guarantees 24-weeks of instruction— 23 regular class weeks plus 1 technical rehearsal for our Spring Showcase— whether online, in-studio or a combination thereof (hybrid model).


CLASS LENGTH                               2019-20 ANNUAL COST                  10-INSTALLMENTS  

(each week).                                                                  (total due for program season)                                     (first & last installments due to enroll)    

45-Minutes                                        $752                                                    $75.20                                  

60-Minutes                                        $849                                                    $84.90                                 

75-Minutes                                        $946                                                    $94.60                                  

Showcase costumes and class attire are not included in tuition. Please see separate Dress Code Policies for class attire information; and please see showcase costume details included in Payment Policies, below.

Dress Codes

Dress Codes


Every dance class at Performing Arts Workshop has a specific dress code to ensure a distraction-free learning experience and ideal function.

Required Uniforms for each class Coming Soon!

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